Let's do London
This isn't where we were headed for.
Maybe the Sherlock spirit will give us a clue...
Maybe the stars can guide us.
Can you help us?
Sherlock Bear: "Get on the Tube!"
This is not very quick, or comfy Lanz.
Much better but we'll get lost - to the Tube!
Ahh that's where we went wrong.
We need more tickets, Paddington
Nose the screen for me, Lanz.
Make sure we get a receipt, yah.
You wave it on this magic disc...
...sneak past First Class...
Strange people down here.
This way?
No, this way.
Made it!
Today we will learn the letters 'O'...
...and 'P'!
We can catch the game too.
I like the picture books, Paddington.
Comfy bookstore.
Feeling blue.
Worn out from shopping.
Feeding time.
Big house, very nice.
How do we break in?
How do you eat it?
Where's Paddington?
Where's Lanz?
Here we are!
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